• Ryan

"What's your platform?"

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I feel like people want to know why I am running to remain a member of the City Council. In all honesty, I don't really have an 'agenda'. I simply feel like it's my responsibility and perhaps my opportunity to step up and offer my experience and benefit the future of our city. Below are some key priorities to me.


· Long Term Approach to Infrastructure

o Roads, Sidewalks, Utilities and Services need to be completed in a holistic method

o Fiber Infrastructure

· Public Safety

o I stand firmly with our Fire personnel and Police Officers

o Fund public safety

· Investing in our Community

o PARC needs to be renewed

o Volunteering is at the core of our community

o Comprehensive Planning

· Our Children Deserve a Future

o Future generations deserve calculated acts by us as the current leaders

· Common Sense Approach

o I am committed to taking a conservative, common sense approach to decision making with a

long-term perspective

o Saving for the future is paramount

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